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Ignite the Fire

A Classroom Culture of Meaning, Passion and Purpose

By Mary Ruth McGinn and Peggy Pastor

Blazing Pages: The Story Behind Our Fiery!

Many educational practices have become so widely established and standardized that we have stopped questioning their efficacy. For learning to promote life-long growth, a shift in the institutional mindset of education nationwide is necessary. This book suggests a way of thinking about teaching that would interrupt the status quo by proposing innovative ideas and solutions in school.

Recognizing, encouraging and implementing social and emotional culture as an integral part of school has profound implications for the future of education. 

Given the choice, we all would wish to be in a classroom where we are encouraged to do and to be our very best. Each of us has experienced various classroom cultures in our lives, some in which we have thrived, some completely unremarkable and others that affected us in profound ways we are still trying to comprehend and process as we age. 

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Cultivating Meaning

Dive deep into the heart of learning where every classroom experience resonates, where  instructional topics present an opportunity for relevance and connection and where students engage with intrigue. 

Igniting Passion

Light the spark in every student by fanning the flames of curiosity to turn genuine interest into indelible passion and set the classroom ablaze with enthusiasm.

Learning with Purpose

Learn for real. Discover the value of learning inspired by authentic moments and true life situations inside and outside of the classroom environment. 

Meet the Torchbearers

Mary Ruth McGinn and Peggy Pastor are luminaries in the world of education. Mary Ruth’s initiatives have seamlessly woven the arts into teaching, emphasizing authentic learning that promotes real-world engagement. Peggy’s vast experience, from private preparatory institutions to diverse public schools, underscores the power of interactive learning. Both authors have left indelible marks, earning accolades and fostering positive change in educational landscapes. Together, their depth of experience and innovative approaches position them as true torchbearers of meaningful, authentic learning.